My hot stepmom does not miss the opportunity to have unforgettable Easter sex

My new stepmom was incredibly hot. She was only a few years older than me, and I noticed that she looking me up in a strange way when I came to visit. Easter was coming soon, and I came to spend the holidays together. When we were alone in the house, she came into my room and asked me if I would like to see what gift she had prepared for me for the holidays. She was only wearing sexy underwear and Easter bunny ears! I got turned on at the moment, and when she told me that she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy, I completely lost my mind. I watched in disbelief as she unbuttoned my pants and took out my erect cock. My sexy stepmom started to jerk it lightly and lick my head. She was incredibly good at blowing dicks. She had no problem putting my whole cock in her throat. When she started to lick my swollen balls and jerk me off, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I wanted to fuck her right away. I lay down on the floor, and my naked mommy immediately jumped on me. As she jumped on my cock, I enjoyed the view of her slim body and small tits. I grabbed her by the hips and started to ram my tool all the way. She started moaning and biting her bottom lip from the pleasure I was giving her. I grabbed her big tits with my hands pinching her nipples between her fingers.


She was completely wet, and I could feel her start to cum on my big dick. The beautiful young woman got off me and got into a doggy-style position. She stuck her firm ass high in the air, and I slammed my hard 10 inch cock deep inside of her pussy with one quick thrust. “Yes, oh, yes” she moaned. She gripped my cock firmly with her pretty pink, shaved cunt as I furiously fucked her doggy style. Her beautiful butt looked amazing. I held her buttocks with my hands as I entered her deeply. I started to pick up the pace, and she was telling me to fuck even faster and not to stop. She started thanking me for having sex with me and that I’m the best stepson in the world. I started slapping her ass, and that turned her on even more. My stepmom started to cum on my huge cock, and I didn’t stop drilling her pussy. I turned her on her back and continued to penetrate her hole. She had a beautiful shaved pussy, her breasts were perfect, her whole body was flawless. My naked stepmom started laughing hysterically. She was in a trance and enjoying every moment. She started stroking her clit and telling me she was going to cum again. When I did cum, I busted all over her pretty face. She guzzled as much of my sperm as she could but let some coat her face, too. It will be our Easter tradition!






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