Setting the Scene

We were invited to my friends 40th birthday party on a Friday night. The grandparents took the kids for the night. I surprised my wife with an early evening spa before the party. When I dropped her off I gave her a wrapped present. Inside the box was a beautiful black cocktail dress with black tights, sexy thong, and new shoes.

When I picked her up from the spa she was glowing. On the car ride there I couldn’t help resist rubbing her silky smooth opaque tights. I inched up her thigh and she started to moan. My penis was visibly hard through my slacks, she reached down and gently did circle motions around my throbbing head.

As we socialized with our friends I couldn’t keep my eyes off her nor resist trying to touch her legs. After a few hours we decided to get a cab ride home. Once in the door we passionately kissed. No kids, no rules. As we were making out next to the couch, my wife stepped on a stupid singing Elsa doll, fortunately I caught her stumble and guided her onto the couch. Her skirt hiked up and I could clearly see the outline of her thong. The visual display made me instantly drop to my knees to lick her crotch. Her sex was warm, and her juices were flowing, trapped in the material. I was in heaven!!! Taking off her shoes and her nylons, I thought her feet looked so sexy. I kissed and massaged her feet for what seemed like eternity.

She stood up and seductively took off her tights, left her thong on and started to unbutton my slacks. I sat on the couch, she pushed her panty to the side and started to slowly ride me. Her warmth was amazing, her eyes were locked into mine, she was extravagant. Within a minute she tensed up and cried I can’t hold it anymore. As she came, she clawed my neck. I could feel her vagina pulsate around my penis. I came as well, we came together.

As she climbed off, I threw her back down, and spread her legs. Her meaty vagina was wet from both of our cum. I dove in to clean her with my eager tongue. Her clit was engorged and with a symphony of my mouth and facial hair stubble she clinched her thighs against my head for another orgasm. I then blew another load without being touched.

She went to shower and put her tights around my throbbing dick. I took her thong, smelling it, and had a wonderful moment to myself. I love my wife.

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