The Joy and Passion of A New Experience (A)

A letter to Carol, my loving wife,

I really adore making love to you, and that we can talk about sex and experiment with new things. I just relish pleasing you in new ways. But I want to thank you for something you have started doing for me. I love that you have started to stimulate me anally and that we have started experimenting with prostate arousal. I know the anus doesn’t really seem sexy at first blush. Just thinking about your willingness to play along with my desire starts my penis swelling with sexual yearning.

Normally I take the lead in our sexual adventures. My mission is to pleasure you and make you have the deepest orgasm you can experience. I love it when you open up. When you tell me what you desire me to do to please you in every way and fulfill your fantasies and desires. But I also love those times when you take charge.

“This session will be about me pleasuring you, so I want you to let me take the lead, my husband, my love!”

You tell me firmly that this is the way you want it, and this is the way it will be. So I am to just lay back and enjoy it. That is such a rush of joy and pleasure!

“Yes ma’am! I willingly comply!”

My penis longs to be touched by you, and I love the anticipation caused when you run your fingers sensually up and down my body. You touch me over my clothes, slowly undressing me as you build me up to a throbbing erection. Finally, you pull off my the last of my clothes and start to rub your palm over the shaft and head of my manhood, while your other hand caresses my balls and the soft skin all around my perineum. You pour on oil and skillfully and patiently work back and forth from my head to my shaft to my balls and then my perineum as my passion grows.

I remember the day when you first told me you were willing to (and yes, you even wanted to experiment with pleasuring me with anus and prostate stimulation.) We had dinner and went to bed early. I bathed and made sure I was cleaned out anally. We had a glass of wine. We started with me pleasuring you orally. You had a wonderful orgasm and I adored hearing your moans of pleasure.

Then you told me that it was my turn and asked me to lay down and you spread my legs. You lubricated a medium sized vibrator with a slight bulge/bulb on the end that would be good for prostate stimulation, and placed it on a towel beside you on the bed. You began to touch me all over, gently tweaking my nipples and lightly touching my stomach and thighs, slowly working to more penis centered stroking. Looking at me with love and a sparkle in your eyes, you kissed me. Then you spread my legs further as you took the anal toy in your hand. My anticipation grew, along with the hardness of my erection. I know that sex itself is incredibly intimate, but I felt like this was especially private and intimate, and a little bit naughty and taboo as well, which added to the excitement.

My great fortune in finding a wife who loves me and loves to please me as much as I love to please you is unbelievable. I love that you know that I need regular sexual release and you always make sure to “take care of me.” You are truly a precious gift from a loving Lord.

You smiled at me and made a show of lubing the vibrator again. Then you poured oil all over my penis and balls and gently rubbed some into my anal pucker. You began to rub the buzzing vibrator it all over nipples and stomach, and then over my thighs and finally my cock, slowly trailing it down to my balls. At last you placed it at the entrance to my ass, and told me to relax as you slowly slid it into me as you stroked my penis with your other hand. I gulped a little as I stretched to accommodate it but it was a sexy sort of discomfort as my anus slowly expanded in response to your patient but firm strokes. Finally, it was fully inserted, and you started stroking slowly. Shallow at first, and then deeper to massage my prostate.

You softly moaned and cooed, vocalizing as if you were pleasuring yourself and your soft voice turned me on even more. I adored hearing your words encouraging my pleasure along with the soft touches of your hands. My pleasure was slowly building as I felt your fingers stroking my penis and, at the same time, the vibrations rippling from the  pucker of my ass to the bulge of my prostate.

This is physical, to be sure, but it almost felt like a reflection of the love we share to be penetrated by you in body as much as you’ve entered my heart emotionally. You are touching a place inside of me and I wonder if this is what you feel when I penetrate you with my penis. Only you can do this to me, and it’s an intimacy and vulnerability I relish and crave. My penis is throbbing and hard, and my also my prostate is throbbing, as the toy strokes in and out.

You told me to focus on my pleasure, and I did. I felt the strange, but nice sensations in my prostate which slowly built and echoed the pleasure in my penis. Cock to ass, and ass to cock. It was a tingling throb that slowly grew. You skillfully ministered over me, as if you could feel my pleasure with me. It felt like a storm slowly building on the horizon on a soft summer afternoon.

I felt the building ripples of pleasure and began to slowly thrust up into your wet slippery hand. You sensed my building orgasm and told me to take my time. But you also said that you couldn’t wait for me to cum for you. You kept encouraging me. Your voice grew intense as you pumped my cock and my prostate at the same time, with a growing rhythm. Soon I felt my orgasm beginning to top over.

You sensed this, crying out, “Yes, baby, cum for me, cum for me, give me all your warm cum!”

That absolutely pushed me over the edge and I couldn’t help lifting my hips off the bed. Waves of intense pleasure overwhelmed me. The spasms throbbed from my prostrate to my penis as the fountain of my cum began to explode. Then you did something that thrilled me. You lowered your mouth to my cock and rapidly stroked me with your hand. Your mouth covered the head, as you sucked, allowing me to spurt into your soft warm mouth. The pleasure was almost more than I could stand. My head rocked from side to side with each wave of pleasure. It seemed to go on forever, and then slowly subsided as I trembled with aftershocks.

You looked at me with a sultry look. Then, making sure I watched, let a warm stream of cum slide out of your mouth onto my firm rod. And you continued to stroke the last twinges of pleasure out of me. I remember your smile as you looked at me as if you had enjoyed that as much as I had. I sighed and exhaled luxuriously. You moved up to give me a deep warm kiss that tasted like your warm mouth mixed with my pleasure.

AHHH! I told you how much I loved you and how good that felt. You shushed me and told me to just relax. You assured me that I would have plenty of opportunity to pay you back in the future. I smiled and closed my eyes with a prayer of thanks for you, My Love.


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