Little did he know that I was balls deep inside his hot girlfriend

She loves doing those two things, playing video games and sucking cocks, and there is nothing else in the world that she loves more than that. While her boyfriend had studying on the mind, she had other plans and draped her exposed booty on his lap hoping for a quickie. Her boyfriend might have been pissed that she was interrupting him, but he couldn’t deny that ass! The girl had the most beautiful ass he had ever seen! After a brief finger bang, she grabbed his hard cock and quickly made him cum in her mouth. At some point, his study body came into the room and saw his girlfriend with her mouth full of sperm. The boys greeted each other, but the girl barely said hello. She spilled the sperm all over her BF’s sweater, and she was slightly embarrassed because also her giant tits were out, and she tried to cover them. She moved to her bedroom to continue playing her games. The guy sneaked into her bedroom and just pulled out his monster. Even though he is pale skinned fella, his dick was black as the night. Of course, she was stunned, and she started sucking on it, fucking him with her mouth. The only thing she loves more than sucking a big, hard cock is sucking two of them a day! She was in her pajamas, and she was getting ready for bed. Luckily, she could just open the back door of her pajamas so the guy could easily enter. She opened the door, and the guy slammed himself balls deep into her fanny. She covered him with a blanket while she was sitting on him and riding him. Her BF came and asked where his friend was, but little did he know that he was balls deep inside his GF. The guy left the room, and now the real fuck fest could begin. They went all the way in every position, he fucked the busty blonde bimbo, bringing her to one orgasm after another. Her shaved pussy got destroyed in missionary position the most. Later, he gave it to her from behind, and that was bliss for both of them. Fuck yeah, her big boobs were bounding all the way.






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