Teen babe went to a regular check-up and got her asshole full of sperm afterward

Keeping tabs on her butthole regularly is the key to a happy sex life, anal sex life to be more precise! As soon as she took her panties, the doc saw a butt plug inside her pretty butthole. Yes, the girl had been preparing herself for anal. She had been caressing, massaging, stretching her young tight anus for some time now. Damn, this bitch’s round ass looked extremely delicious. The doctor pulled out some of his medical toys and started shoving them into her asshole. The naked girl was on the examination table and the doctor hold her asshole wide open with a speculum. After checking her ass spread wide open with a speculum he figured out that everything was completely fine, but told her if she wanted to prepare herself for her boyfriend, then there was nothing better than a real thing – his hot throbbing cock! Standing in front of the young 18 year old naked girl, the proctologist just pulled down his pants and showed off his tool. The girl started sucking his massive cock instantly. She was buck naked and on her knees, looking straight into his eyes, and from his POV, she looked beyond amazing. Her sucking skills were amazing, even though she almost choked since his dick was that big. Then the doctor told her to lay down on her back and spread her legs so he could give her all his girth and massiveness in a missionary position. The teen girl was screaming with pleasure, and, of course, she could not believe how big that dick was. Her pussy was so tight that he began cumming in her.


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