Spontaneous (L)

Michael walks up behind me as I stand naked in the walk-in closet deciding what to wear.  Both his hands slap and squeeze my ass.  I yelp and gasp as he whispers and kisses my ear and neck.

“Damn, you’re so fucking hot.”

His naughty words make me shiver and moan.

“I’m gonna eat your pussy.”

My knees wobble as he spins me around.  Our eyes meet as he grins and presses me against the wall. He falls onto his knees, pushing my legs open and taking control.  My legs wobbled more as I felt his tongue lick up my slit and flicking my clit.  I almost collapsed as I moaned yes, yes over and over.  My pussy was tingling and I was getting hotter and wetter.  This encouraged him to lick and suck me more and more. He was ravenous and I was enjoying it beyond words.

Gasping for air as my eyes fluttering, I was holding his head tight against my pussy.  My body shook and my juices flowed.  Mike moaned as he was licking and sucking up my juices.  I gasped and moaned as well. Pulling himself up to stand, we kissed deep and passionate.  His big hard throbbing cock pressing and rubbing against my belly.

“Take it, take my cock baby.”

He stepped back, and with a shuddering gasp, I wrapped my hands around his cock. I couldn’t help but stare as I stroked it. He started thrusting into my hands and fucking my tight grip.  He gently pushed me down till I was kneeling in front of him and stroking his magnificent cock.  Leaning forward, I softly licked around his fat head.  His cock twitched and he moaned as I released his cock. Then I licked down his shaft, lifted his balls up, and licked and sucked them softly making me moan.

“Fuuuuuck yessss.”

His sexual desire, love, and control of me, overwhelmed me. I opened my mouth wide and I took all of him into my mouth and pushed into my throat. I had to moan with his cock imbedded in me fully.  Mike moaned that he was going to cum.  As much as I wanted him to, I wasn’t ready.  I squeezed the base of his cock firmly and slid him out.  I was now taking control and I stood. Walking to the bed, him following, I lay back on my elbows and squeezed my big tits and nipples. Opening my legs, I invited him to have me as he stopped at the foot of the bed.  His cock so big, hard, and beautiful.

As he climbed on the bed, he straddled my chest and pushed his cock down between my tits. I moaned as I pressed them tightly around his cock.  Mike slid between my tits as I licked and sucked his cock head with each push.  Mike was panting and moaning, getting near orgasm again. I squeezed his cock again, and giggled as I held back his orgasm.  Gasping, I told him to fuck me, please fuck me.

He quickly was between my legs and pressing his cock into my pussy.  His big cock sliding into my hot, wet, and tight hole, stretching me and filling me completely.  I marvel every time that I can take all his big cock.  Mike starts pulling all the way out and ramming hard and fully back into me. This takes my breath away with each powerful thrust.

“Fuck, I love you, I love your pussy.  Fuck me, baby, fuck me.”

Mike groans and, driving me into the bed, my body shakes, and my juices start to flow and splash out.  Hooking his strong arms under my knees, he bends my legs back. This pins them flat against my tits as he pounds and pounds me.  Groaning long and low as he cock jumps and starts filling my pussy with his hot cum.  He continues pounding me over and over. Tossing my head back and forth, I’m lost in total pleasure. My body shakes and pussy quivers as I cry out, screaming as my juices squirt out around his cock.

Shaking in the throws of orgasm, I watch Mike shoot his cum all over my body and face.

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