Perky blonde wants me to screw her behind her parents back

I recently got my real estate license, and this was my first Open House. My mom, whose real estate agency I joined, was there to help me, of course. That day, there were several visitors, but what caught my attention was a teen girl who came with her parents. While my mom was showing them around, the teen babe dropped an act in the middle of the showing of the house. She was nasty AF. She pulled her top up and flashed her naked boobs. I couldn’t believe it. She grabbed my hand and put it on her tit. I played with her nipples with my fingers and pinched them. Then she gave me the sign to go to the side room and took off her pants showing me her perfect bumpy ass and teasing me to touch it! I couldn’t resist and so I grabbed that bum and stretched her butt cheeks so I could see her butt hole. It seemed she was thrilled by the possibility of being caught so she began masturbating. She was constantly pushing things over the edge by raising the stakes. I was scared of the outcome, so I moved to the bathroom with her, and the next thing I knew my dick was in her mouth and she was giving me a gentle blowjob! Just when things were heating, someone walked in and caught me with my pants down and my cock in her mouth. Luckily, she wasn’t going to tell anyone, so we went on.


The girl was against the wall sticking her ass out for a bang. She was wet as hell. The way my tool was sliding so easily made me sweat and moan. But again someone else walked in and screamed shocked to find me banging her. while I was not ready to go all the way, she wasn’t stopping. She was on the floor kneeling and again sucking my dick while the house was crowded with people. We were in the kitchen watching if someone else would intrude. After a short handjob, the little slut leaned over the counter and I was giving it to her from behind. Her nice round ass made me aroused and mild so I screwed her faster and faster. She was begging for more, that slut and I couldn’t stop now. But the actual twist is about to happen. We had a spare room, with no furniture in. We wanted to take it all there and not be disturbed anymore. But we found a couple of guests there doing some dirty stuff. Redhead MILF was giving her BF a blowjob, probably trying to convince him to buy the house. So the crazy teen whore again was all over my cock and we turned it into a group sex. It was a blowjob foursome, I could see my girl fucking my cock and the other woman sucking her man’d fat penis. I was on the floor while that bitch was riding it in a cowgirl position. The best POV was when she turned to reverse cowgirl, I could see her tight ass hole opening towards me as she made a move with her hips. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock, milking it and as I pushed into her harder and harder.






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