Clubbing Night 2 (Heather’s Story) (L)

Lying in my sister’s bed, I ran through the event of picking my husband up and fucking him like a complete stranger in my mind.  Meanwhile, I played with my sore pussy, rubbing our cum all around it and wanting more.  My phone went off; Sam had texted.

“You home safe? Didn’t get picked up?”

I giggled. “Wishfull thinking, LOL. You know I fantasize about that but you’re my one and only. And I think I’m going to spend another night.”

“Oh, umm well ok.  We’re good, right?”

“Yes of course, baby, we are more than OK.”

We continued to text until I fell asleep.  The next day I texted Sam.

“Hey it’s me, I was wondering if maybe you would like to see me again?”

“Yes of course.  When and where?”

I sent him the time and address.  My plan was to arrive, and he would be waiting, but that didn’t happen. I was swarmed by several guys again, and they were feeding me drinks.  An hour passed, and I was feeling more tipsy and okay on the dance floor.  While dancing, I felt two hands grip my hips firmly.  I gasped and started to turn around, but I smelled my husband’s scent, so I continued dancing with him holding my hips.  His hands slid to my bare belly and pulled me back against him, and we moved together. I felt his big hard cock pressing against the small of my back.

I pressed back and grinded against him as his hands slid up and under the loose-fitting top that let my big tits bounce around.  His big hands slid over my tits and rubbed my nipples.  I felt my knees wobble as my mind realed from him rubbing and squeezing my tits for all to see.  My eyes were closed and unaware of anyone looking.  My body felt on fire, and I submitted to him completely, prepared to do whatever he wanted.  I felt his hot breath and wet lips as he kissed and nibbled my neck while his hands slid down to the front of my hips.

Without hesitation, as slid one hand under my skirt and rubbed my wet hot slit before roughly wiggling two fingers up into my pussy.  I gasped and trembled as he worked his two fingers inside my pussy to the beat of the song, making my juices run down my thighs.

The music stopped, and he pulled his fingers to my lips and rubbed them, then pushed them into my mouth. I moaned as I tasted my sweet nectar.  I love my taste and I wanted more.

He whispered, “Meet me outside the back door,” and quickly walked away.

Panting, grasping for my composure, I followed.  When I stepped outside, I saw other couples smoking and some making out, but I didn’t see my man.  I gasped when I felt a hand wrap around my waist and another clamp over my mouth.

“Don’t scream.”

I melted into him as he pulled me backward into a dark cove around the corner of the building.  I could still see some people as I heard him undo his pants. He shoved his cock under my skirt and rubbed it along the crack of my ass before shoving between my thighs and along my pussy.  Sliding his big cock back and forth, he drove me crazy and made my pussy quiver and leak nectar.

I opened my eyes and saw a man standing in front of me at a distance.  He smiled, and I put my hand on my lips. Just then, I felt my man’s big hard cock stretching me and filling me with one hard thrust.  I stared at the stranger as I was being fucked long and hard.  My body was shoved forward with every deep hard thrust.  I continued to stare at the man as my big tits fell out of the loose top.

My body began to shake, and my knees wobbled. Sam held me tight around the waist as my pussy pulsed around his cock, and I cummed all over it again and again.  Pulsing like never before, my pussy kept squeezing his cock as he moaned loudly.

Sam’s hands gripped me tighter as he went off, shooting several long blasts of cum up in my pussy.  The man in front walked away as my lover pulled his cock out, and our cum gushed from me while he zipped up.  I stood and composed myself.

“Wow that was better than last night,” I said. I looked back and saw him rushing down the ally.  A sudden wave of fear overcame me, wondering if I let things get out of hand.  I heard my phone buzz and I panicked even more when I saw that Sam had texted me 15 minutes ago, asking where I was.

Running to the bathroom, I cleaned up as best I could, but cum continued leaking out.  I texted Sam back, “I’m in the bathroom; be right out.”

Trying not to cry, I opened the door. Sam was standing there and pushed me inside and locked the door.  I backed against the wall, my heart pounding.  He grinned.

“Looks like you found someone before me,” he said as he stepped in front of me. He ran his fingers up my shaking thighs and through the cum on my legs.  I was terrified.

“You’re one little hot slut, aren’t you.”

He pulled his pants down, and I gasped to see his huge, hard, throbbing cock.  He quickly lifted me up, pressing me into the wall as he pulled his cock out further.  I moaned when he pushed his fat head into my used pussy.

Grabbing my hips he pulled me down hard, and I screamed out as he impaled me on his big cock.  He thrust into me, driving me up and down the rough wall.  My eyes fluttered, completely unsure of what was roleplay or reality.

“Fuck me, fuck me.”

Sam thrust so hard it hurt deep in my body. Even with my back against the wall, I wanted it all.  My eyes started rolling back, and my body pulsed and shook. I cried out and gushed all over his cock.

That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in the back seat of his truck. Sam was driving.  My body was sore and my mind in a fog as I lay there trying to remember what happened.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

I sat up, not recognizing where we were.

“Where are we going?”  He smiled as he turned down a mountain road.

“It was a birthday suprise for my wife, but it seems plans have changed.”

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