De-stress Weekend – Part 2

I want apologize for this taking so long write and post. I am going through some job-related issues right now which have been distracting. Although she can do nothing to help resolve the issue I am having to deal with, I want to thank my wife for her unwavering understanding, love, and support during this trying time. I am trusting God to help me through this.

We had just finished a wonderful round of lovemaking, our first of the day and were now taking a breather.

I got a damp washcloth with which we wiped our faces. This along with the air from the ceiling fan provided a refreshing coolness.

Using the remote, I turned on the audio system, set it to our favorite playlist and lay back down next to my wife.

As the music filled the room, we kissed deeply, tongues exploring, and hands running over each other’s bodies.

As I fondled her boobs, Dena was gently stroking my now semi-hard manhood which was quickly on its way to full hardness.

Breaking our kiss, I looked into my wife’s eyes.

“I love you so much.”

She smiled back, “I love you too.”

We resumed making out. As Dena played with my now very hard cock, I kissed my way down to her boob and firmly sucked her erect nipple. I was rewarded with a gasp and moan of satisfaction. I sucked and licked her nipples until she made me stop.

“It looks like you are ready for more.” Dena said.

“You know it.”  I replied.

Dena reached for the lube and applied a liberal coating to my whole cock mixing it with the pre-cum coming out. She then straddled me and as I watched, applied more lube to her pussy, and playing with her clit in the process.

After wiping her hands on the towel, she took hold of my cock, guiding it to the glistening entrance of her love tunnel. She rose herself up a little and eased down on my erection until she was fully impaled on me.

“Oh yeah.” She whispered as she took hold of her boobs rubbing her nipples. Her head eased back and her eyes closed in apparent sensual bliss.

I ran my hands up and down her legs and sides and then around to her luscious butt relishing the feel of the firm roundness.

Dena leaned forward and we kissed as her hips moved up and down on my shaft. She then eased up holding a boob to my mouth.

“Suck it baby.” She said

I licked her erect nipple before gently sucking it. Dena gasped and began twerking on my cock.

“Oh baby, your pussy feels so good” I moaned.

“It’s all for you honey.” She whispered as she continued thrusting.

While holding her round buttocks, I alternated licking and sucking her nipples until Dena braced herself on my chest and continued gyrating and thrusting slamming her pussy down on my cock. It was not long before I could tell by her breathing she is close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum, Rory.” She panted. “I’m gonna cum all over your cock.”

“Do it baby, do it.” I replied.

I reached up taking a boob in each hand, gently pinching her nipples. Dena moaned and increased her hip movements.

“Cumming.., cumming!!!” Dena grunted. “Yesss!!!”

She mashed her pussy down burying my cock to the hilt as her orgasm took her. As the waves of her climax washed over her, I watched her face contort in orgasmic bliss and could feel her warm wetness on me.

Eventually spent, Dena fell on me where I held her close as my softening cock slipped out of her. She was still quaking somewhat with the after-effects of her pleasure. When she finally caught her breath, we kissed deeply, tongues intertwined, as I ran my hands over her back and butt.

“I love watching you cum.” I whispered in her ear.

“It is always incredible with you.” She replied.

Dena remained laying on me as we continued to hold each other. We remained in this position making out as I rubbed her back and buttocks to the soft strains of music from the audio system. Her body felt great on mine, her breasts pressing into my chest, and the soft folds of her vagina nestled against my manhood.

Dena began rubbing her crotch on me which in short order got me hard again.

“Someone is up for more.” she said with a smile while wiggling her hips.

“Yes, I certainly am.” I replied as Dena slid off me. “I want you from behind.”

“Oooo, you naughty man.” She cooed playfully.

Dena, rolled over and pulled her knees up under raising her butt in the air. This was one of her favorite positions due to the deep penetration she experiences.

“Hand me my bullet vibrator.” She said.

I got her little purple vibrator from the pleasure chest and handed it to her.

Lining up my cock, I gently pushed my way through the folds of her labia and into her pussy. Between her own juices and the lubricant she applied, I slid in easily until I was fully inserted. I held still for a moment relishing the warm, wet, snug feeling.

“Right there, baby.” Dena breathed. “It’s sooo deep”

“You like that cock in your pussy.” I replied as I began pumping.

“Always… Pump that pussy baby… Fill me up”

Squeezing her butt, I kept up a slow steady pace, wanting the sensations to last as long as possible. Dena powered on her vibrator and placed it on her clit accompanied by a moan. I could feel the vibrations thrumming through her pussy and knew I would not last long. I kept stroking but tried to pace myself as I wanted us to cum together.

“Your pussy feels so good.” I said between breaths.

“It loves your cock. Take me baby, pump me harder…, harder!!

Dena rocked back and forth meeting my thrusts. Her breaths was coming faster indicating her impending orgasm. I picked up my speed, our bodies making slapping noises as I thrust harder the way she wanted.

“Oh Rory, I’m going to cum!!! She screamed. “Pound that cock in me!!!”

I grabbed her hips and pounded into her as fast as I could. The sensations of her tight pussy and the vibrator were becoming too much.

“Dena, I’m going to cum…” I groaned.

“Yesss, fill me up…!!! Cumming, cumming!!!”

As Dena’s orgasm took hold of her, with a loud groan I buried my cock in her pussy and erupted inside her. Together we shook in our shared climax until the orgasmic waves ebbed.

Dena turned off her vibrator and collapsed my cock slipping out of her. I lay next to her, both of us catching our breaths.

As we looked at each other, we both smiled.

“What a ride” I said

“You can ride me anytime.” Dena replied.

We made out for a while enjoying the after-effects of a satisfying orgasm.

“Let’s get cleaned up.” I said playfully smacking my wife’s butt.

We got up and headed to the shower.

“You must have pumped a quart of cum into me,” Dena joked holding a hand over her vagina. “It’s running down my leg.”

“What can I say, you bring out the best in me.” I quipped followed by a kiss.

Turning on the shower, I set the temperature and together we got in. I grabbed a bath sponge, applied a couple squirts of body wash and slowly lathered Dena’s body. She leaned back against me and sighed as my soapy hands ran over her boobs and between her legs. I knew she could feel my erect manhood between her butt cheeks when she slid her body up and down on it.

After a while, she turned and taking the sponge from me applied more body wash and lathered me up. As we kissed, she reached between us, took hold of my shaft and gently stroked it. I ran my hands down her soap covered back and butt, taking a cheek in each hand and massaged those luscious globes. After playing a while longer, we rinsed the soap from our bodies, exited the shower and dried each other off.

I went to the kitchen and returned with tall glassed of juice and a bowl of grapes. I found Dena laying on the bed in all her naked glory. She had cleared the bed of our chest of toys and fixed the covers which she now lay atop. Her hands were folded on her belly and one knee bent exposing her womanhood. Her eyes were closed with a small smile on her lips as she listened to the music playing.

I stood quietly at the door for a minute and admired this woman to whom I have been happily married for over 3 decades. Neither of us would grace the pages of a fashion magazine, but as far as I was concerned she is a Vermeer.

Dena opened her eyes when she heard me enter and sat up smiling. She propped our pillows against the headboard for us to recline on.

“Thank you honey.” She said taking the offered juice.

“You’re welcome.” I replied joining her on the bed. “I figured we needed some sustenance after that workout.”

“I’ll say, you about wore me out… Not that I’m complaining”

“I would say it was a mutual effort…, on both counts.” I retorted.

We finished our juice and grapes and lay quietly, Dena snuggled in my arms, enjoying the afterglow of fantastic sex.

We spent the whole weekend naked and did pretty much nothing but have wonderful sex with breaks to eat, shower (together) and brief periods of sleep in between. I lost count of how many orgasms we had. I do know Dena had significantly more than I did which I am perfectly fine with as I absolutely love getting my wife off.

It was great being completely unplugged for 2-days. No phone, no computer, no television, just her and I enjoying each other. We now try to do stress-free weekends at least once a month.

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