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Pastor Sarah Shares a Story…MH shares a Poll

My husband and I are married ministers at a church in rural Texas. We have made it our mission to promote the importance of healthy, passionate monogamy within our congregation. Our inside joke is that we are running a “hot monogamy” church.

Our family had grown to five with three kids in grade school, but my husband and I were still passionately pursuing ministry together. I try to maintain my physical and spiritual fitness. I like being a women and I pretty much get to wear dresses every day serving at the church.  But above all else, my top priority was taking care of my husband’s needs, knowing how much our lives thrive with physical touch and intimacy.

One of our marriage ministers is Brittany.

Last week, I chatted with Brittany near the coffee courtyard, her radiant beauty was impossible to ignore. Her eyes sparkled with love and admiration as she spoke of her husband Jake, the man she loved. We talked about how she sparks the discussion of hot monogamy when she does pre-marriage coaching. As a volunteer minister and wedding officiant, she holds marriage in high esteem, viewing it as a sacred bond between a man and a woman. She exuded confidence and grace in a stunning sun dress, sipping on her coffee with poise and elegance. But amidst our hot monogamy ministry conversation, I couldn’t help but feel a subtle undercurrent of sexual tension, the electrifying energy that comes when promoting healthy sexuality within God’s design for monogamy is present. It added a heightened sense of excitement and intrigue to our interaction.

The atmosphere of the church courtyard enveloped us as we sat on a rustic wooden bench, my friend and I. She leaned in to share her admiration for our church’s strong emphasis on promoting marriage sex, and asked if I knew of any websites that delved into this topic. With a knowing smile, I suggested – “a site filled with anonymous personal stories of intimacy and passion shared by Christian couples.” However, I couldn’t help but give her a warning about some of the more risqué images and language used on the site, reminding her that it’s meant for those who are seeking to explore the passionate monogamous lifestyle within the bounds of their faith.

My heart raced as she pulled out her phone and navigated to the website. The anticipation of what she would see filled me with a nervous energy. I excused myself, feeling the need to escape for a moment. “I’ll be right back,” I promised. In the ladies room, my hands trembled as I pulled down my panties and felt the dampness between my thighs. It was a physical manifestation of the sexual tension that hung in the air. With a deep breath, I brushed my fingers against my clit, feeling its hardness and arousal. The chat with Brittany had ignited a fire within me, and I couldn’t help but succumb to its heat.

As I made my way back, I couldn’t help but notice her body language as she was engrossed in her phone. She shifted her legs, indicating a growing desire within her. Her actions only served to keep me fired up. I paused and observed her reading, wondering what story had captured her attention so completely.

After of few more minutes of watching her ready and her body language react, I returned.

Her eyes widened in surprise and her lips curved into a bright smile as she looked up at me. “Wow!” she exclaimed, her voice filled with genuine admiration. “This is some really good stuff.” Her playful banter continued, “Is this why you always have that alluring look of a woman who likes sex?” I couldn’t help but chuckle nervously at her comment. She had an uncanny ability to make me feel both flustered and proud at the same time. My cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and delight as I agreed.

A wave of conflicting emotions washed over me, a heady mixture of arousal and apprehension. What would she think of me now? Suddenly, her mischievous grin lit up her face as she declared her intentions to go home and “MarriageHeat” her husband, Jake! My body responded immediately, my panties growing damp as my pulse quickened with desire. I was shocked by the intensity of my physical reaction. As Brittany left, sauntering away with an unmistakable aura of a woman seeking to be thoroughly satisfied by Jake, I couldn’t help but feel the same longing within myself. I wanted to be that woman too, giving into my MH desires without inhibition.

After Britany, my colleague, left for the day, I went to my office. I closed the door and sank down into my leather office chair. My hands slid under my black dress and caressed the dampness between my legs. The thought of Brittany seeing me as a woman who desired her husband made my heart race and my body tremble with arousal. With each stroke of my clit, I could feel myself getting closer to climax. As the heat in my core intensified, I quickly removed my panties and brought them to my nose, inhaling deeply. The scent of my own arousal only fueled my desire for a quickie with the senior pastor – my husband. I spread my legs even wider under my desk, knowing it wouldn’t take long for me to reach bliss if I kept this up. Indulging in the occasional office tryst was one of our favorite activities – nothing like a steamy quick “ministry drilling” to spice up our work day.

I walked through the spacious office area, past the desk of our church secretary Lisa. She greeted me with a warm smile and a friendly “Hi, Ms. Sarah”. Little did this stunning 50-something woman know, I was on my way to the private office belonging to none other than the pastor himself. And my intentions were not to discuss matters of faith. As you may have guessed, this is one of my fantasies, but it’s also a reality. Perhaps Lisa could sense my desire by the way I carried myself, with a look that said “take me now, pastor”.

I knocked on the door. Pastor Justin said, “It’s open”. I entered and locked the door with my pussy juiced fingers, leaving my fingerprints and pussy juices on the knob. I took my panties out of my dress pocket and gave them to Justin to whiff.

I gracefully perched on the corner of his desk, legs crossed and one shoe playfully dangling. As I shifted, my dress parted just enough to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of my upper thigh. With a seductive smile, I asked him about his sermon preparation. He replied that it had been a bit tedious, but things were about to get more interesting.

I gracefully slid across the smooth, polished surface of his desk until I was right in front of him, my movements slow and deliberate. As I did this, he leaned back in his chair, his gaze locked onto mine with an intensity that made my heart race. My eyes wandered down to the bulge in his pants, and a sly smile formed on my lips.

Seductively, I lifted my legs and placed my feet on either side of his chair, just outside of his own legs. As I did this, my dress spread apart, revealing wet woman spot. His eyes widened and I could see him unconsciously lick his lips in anticipation.

I felt his gaze linger on me as he noticed the unmistakable wetness between my legs. He reached down and picked up my panties, bringing them to his nose with a knowing look. “Pastor,” I began, seductively spreading my legs before him. “I have a confession to make. Talking about hot monogamy with Brittany got me so worked up, thinking about you.” My husband, the pastor played along, eager for the story to unfold. “What happened next?” he asked pastorally. “I couldn’t resist any longer. I slipped into the ladies’ room and began touching myself. It felt so good.” The pastor’s smile grew wider as he leaned in and whispered, “Show me, Sarah.”

My hand crept down my body, exploring every curve and dip as I indulged in the pleasure of touch. My pastor, startled by my actions, leaned forward but I stopped him with a gentle foot to his chest, firmly pushing him back in his chair. “Pastor, please,” I whispered, “Let me show you my struggles so you can help me.” With that, I reached for the clasps that held my dress together and released them one by one. The fabric fell away, revealing my black lace enclosed breasts in all their glory. Swaying my hips seductively, I let the dress drop off my shoulders, to my waist. I finished disrobing staying put on his desk, leaving me clothed in nothing more than my bra. The cool air caressed my exposed skin, sending shivers of excitement through my body. Every movement felt like a sin, but in that moment, I didn’t care. All I wanted was for the pastor to see and understand my “inner sexual turmoil.”

Taking a moment to bask in his lustful gaze, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of desire course through my body. My pussy throbbed with anticipation and the wetness between my legs only grew stronger as I watched him watch me. With his intense eyes fixed on me, I seductively slipped a finger into my mouth before slowly lowering it to my dripping pussy. His sharp intake of breath and the growing bulge in his pants were clear indicators of his arousal. Encouraged by his reaction, I shifted my feet to the arms of his chair, spreading my dripping pussy even wider for his hungry gaze. My pink glistening lips were split in two, begging for touch.

I lowered my hand slowly, feeling the slickness between my thighs. My fingers traced the outline of my wetness, teasing myself by skirting around my aching clit. I spread my arousal along my slit, making it glisten in the dim light. With a deep breath, I finally allowed myself to touch my throbbing clit. Instantly, a rush of heat surged through me and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. He could see the flush on my face and chest, evidence of my intense arousal that he had evoked with just one glance.

With my eyes squeezed shut, I ran my fingers over the slick folds of my clit, savoring the electrifying sensations coursing through my body. The thought of him watching me only intensified the pleasure. My breathing quickened and each gasp caused my breasts to strain against the fabric of my shirt, as if trying to escape.

He could sense how close I was getting and didn’t want to miss a moment of it. His hands gripped my thighs firmly, pushing them down from their perch on the armrests. One hand reached for mine, which was frantically rubbing at my clit, and pulled it away. He stood me up, facing away from him and pushed me forward so that I leaned over his desk. “Hands flat on the desk,” he commanded, and I obeyed without question.

He spread my legs apart and instructed me not to move them. The anticipation made my whole body tingle with excitement as I waited for his next move.

Sitting back down in your chair, he placed your hand in the small of my back and pushed down. This caused my ass to jut up into the air. Then he sat back to look at the picture he had before him. Me with my hands flat on the desk. He release my bra to allow my tits to be free with my ass still in the air. Below that he can see the puffy lips of my pussy, glistening with my arousal and my clit peeking out desperate for attention.

He rolled forward slightly on his chair and blow lightly on my pussy. I shudder and unconsciously move back to him. He stop me with a light but firm slap on my cheek and I jump in surprise. He then layed another light but confident slap on the other cheek and I jump again. I can feel my juices dripping from my pussy.

He leans in closer and with a flick of his tongue, runs it down my slick, sensitive slit. My body responds immediately, shivering with anticipation and pleasure. Each time he repeats the motion, I feel like a live wire, buzzing with need. Desperately, I try to push my clit against his tongue, begging for more stimulation, but he denies me and instead lands short, sharp slaps on each of my cheeks. The mixture of pleasure and pain sends me into a frenzy, and I can feel myself on the brink of climax. Sensing this, he avoids my throbbing clit completely and moves lower, tracing his tongue down to my wet opening. The sensation is almost too much to bear as he continues to tease me with his skilled mouth.

He can sense my nearing climax as my body trembles with anticipation. I feel the tight and wet walls of my pussy pulsing with desire, and he knows it too. With a gentle yet firm touch, he presses a finger into me, causing me to grip onto him tightly, milking up and down. A low groan escapes his lips as he envisions the sensation of this around his own cock. As he adds another finger, my breaths become labored and I am on the brink of release – too close, in fact.

As I rise to my feet, I can feel his fingers still locked deep inside me, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. I imagine the view he must have of me now, with my bare skin glistening in the dim light and my legs slightly spread apart. Reluctantly, I reach down and remove his fingers from my heated core before turning towards him. My breasts are on full display as I bend forward, the soft curves and rosy nipples begging for attention. He watches intently as I slowly bring his fingers to my mouth, meeting his gaze with a seductive look. With deliberate movements, I take his fingers into my warm mouth and run my tongue around them, savoring the taste of myself on his skin.

With a soft pop, I release them from my mouth and gracefully sink to my knees before him. His trousers strain against the growing bulge in his crotch, evidence of his arousal. My hand hovers over his clothed erection, feeling the warmth radiating through the fabric. Slowly, I lay my palm against his tented pants and he bucks at the sensation. Our eyes lock as I reach for his belt buckle, fingers trembling with excitement. The metal clasp gives easily under my touch and I continue to undress him, never breaking our intense eye contact. Unzipping his trousers slowly, each rasp of the zipper adding to the tension in the room. Finally, I reveal the head of his cock peeking out from the top of his underwear – a perfect mushroom shape, already slick with pre-cum.

As I lower his trousers and underwear, he lifts each foot in turn to help me remove them. His cock springs up against his belly, begging for attention. I grab it at the base and keep my eyes locked with his as I dart out my tongue and give it a teasing lick. He jolts in surprise, his hips lifting off the seat. I taunt him, asking what the congregation would say if they knew their pastor was receiving this kind of pleasure from a woman.

Gently pushing him back onto his seat, I place a hand on his belly and give him a seductive smile. With slow, deliberate movements, I lower my head and take his manhood into my mouth. He immediately feels the warmth and wetness as I engulf the head of his cock. Slightly sucking and using my tongue to run along the underside of his member, I maintain a firm grip at the base with my hand. My mouth becomes a swirl of sensation as I repeat the motion over and over again, occasionally making my tongue into a point as I focus on the sensitive slit in his cock head. The taste of him fills my senses and I can feel him growing harder in my mouth. I want nothing more than to bring him to the edge of pleasure.

His cock is slick and throbbing in my mouth, tasting of salt and musk. As I suck on the head, my tongue swirling and dancing around it, I feel his shaft growing harder in my hand. The heat from his body radiates through me as I continue to pleasure him. My other hand reaches down to cup his heavy balls, rolling them gently between my fingers. He moans in response, his hips bucking against my touch. But just as he’s about to release into my mouth, I remove myself, teasing him and leaving him frustrated yet wanting more. His low growls fill the air as he watches me with hungry eyes, begging for more of my attention.

I tilt my head back and flash him an angelic smile, knowing full well the effect it will have on him. “Oh pastor,” I purr, “you missed out on all the fun…” My words alone are enough to push him over the edge. I am a naughty woman, and I revel in it. But will he do anything about it? The thought alone sends shivers of anticipation through my body, making my clit throb with desire. I can feel myself getting close to climaxing without even being touched.

But what I really want is for him to fuck me, hard and fast, until I’m completely spent. I want him to take control and put me in my place, a place where I surrender my soul to him completely. And as if reading my thoughts, he hauls me up by the shoulders and spins me around, pushing me over the desk.

I eagerly thrust my ass back towards him, silently begging for his touch. “Spank me, lick me, finger me,” I moan, desperate for any kind of stimulation. But instead of fulfilling my requests, he teases me by running the head of his cock up and down my wet slit, purposely brushing against my throbbing clit with each pass. I’m breathing heavily now, my body trembling with need. I know that it won’t take much for him to get me off. And when he finally does, I want to feel him inside me at that exact moment. So I drop my shoulders even further onto the desk, giving him a perfect view of both my ass and my dripping pussy, inviting him to take me and fulfill all of our desires.

That is all that it takes and he lines his cock up at the entrance to my pussy and plunge in to the hilt. It takes my breath away and I clench tightly around his cock. It feels so good and I can feel his balls swinging up lightly tapping on my clit. You pull out slowly and slam into me again and I am clutching around you, feeling his balls slapping my clit. I know it is not going to take much more for him to make me cum.

He pulls back slightly before thrusting into me slowly, each movement pushing deeper inside my wetness. His balls slap against my clit with each thrust, sending shivers through my body. I push back against him, feeling the fullness of his hard cock and clenching my muscles around him.

As he grabs my hips and continues to thrust, I can feel myself on the brink of orgasm. The familiar clenching sensation in my core intensifies as I ride the waves of pleasure. He can feel me getting ready to cum and increases his pace, pushing me over the edge.

I cum hard, squeezing his cock tight with my pulsating muscles. He follows shortly after, releasing a thick stream of white hot cum deep inside me. My orgasm continues to ripple through my body, milking every last drop from his satisfied cock.

His body slumps heavily onto mine, the weight of his sweat-drenched skin pressing against my own. Our breaths come in ragged gasps as we lay there, exhausted from our passionate exertions. The cool blast of air conditioning provides some relief, causing goosebumps to form on our flushed bodies. Eventually, he reluctantly moves off me and I stand up, feeling the chill of the room seeping into my bones. He leans over me and whispers his gratitude for “helping him study for his sermon.”

“The pleasure was all mind,” I reply, my voice still heavy with desire.

I quickly gather my rumpled clothes and retrieve my lacy panties, using them to capture the warm, sticky trail of his cum as it drips out of my swollen pussy. Grateful for his intimate pastoral care and attention, I fix my hair in the mirror before heading back to my desk. As I pass by Lisa, she gives me a knowing wave – a subtle acknowledgement of the pleasure we both share as married women.

I sit as my desk and offer a pray of thanksgiving for being a women, a hot monogamy wife, and a marriage minister!

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