I’m Divorced, So Now What?

After 24 years of marriage, I find myself divorced, alone, and wondering what God has in store for me next.

My ex-wife was/is the only woman I have ever been with sexually. Now that we are divorced, I find myself in a whole new world (both figuratively and literally). So much has changed since I was single! Not to mention that I’m in this situation with three daughters living 100% of the time with me.

Not only has dating completely changed, but I have the same problem I had when I was married. The problem I am now dealing with is, “What is a still very horny man supposed to do?” I mean, just because my wife left doesn’t mean my desire for sex has ended.

Now, I know many are going to say, “You can still masturbate.” And I do, occasionally. But now that I no longer have someone to fantasize about, it’s not as fun nor as good.

I have gone on a couple of dates in the two years since my divorce and three years from the separation. I still find myself feeling as if I am cheating on my wife, the one God originally chose for me.

So, what do you think?  Where do I go from here? And how do I manage the desires I have?

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