Great-Great-Grandmother’s Journal

I was deep into our family history and going through a box of family items my mother handed down to me.  Inside, I found several journal books tied together.  I opened the first, and it was my great-great-grandmother’s.  She started writing it the day after her wedding.  This is what I read, and I couldn’t stop! WOW!

We were now in our room to consummate our wedding and give myself to my husband, Luke.  I was Luke’s second wife.  His first wife died during childbirth after being wed for less than one year.  I was in bed wearing my white sleeping gown and trembling with more fear than excitement. 

Luke came from the bathing room wearing a white sleeping gown as well. He pulled the covers down and slid next to me in bed. 

“My love, my wife,” he said, as he pulled me to him.  It scared me as he kissed me with his tongue in my mouth, his hand running down my back and under me, squeezing my back side.

I trembled and remembered what my aunt told me. “Your husband will touch you all over. It will feel strange and be scary.  But you must allow this and give yourself to your husband.” I soon was finding his touch electric and exciting until he started to unbutton my sleeping gown.  I grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“What are you doing, wife? This is our wedding night.”

I answered, “Yes I’m sorry, it’s all new, exciting, and I am afraid.”I admitted my fear, which was something I was told never to do. 

Luke caressed my face and kissed me softly.  We continued kissing, and I felt his tongue enter my mouth again. I welcomed him by removing my hands from my gown. He quickly unbuttoned it and pushed it down my body until I was naked.  I pulled back and pulled the bedding up tight around me, as Luke sat up pulled his gown off. Then he slid up against me again on his side, and I looked at the ceiling as he spoke to me.

“My beautiful bride, were you told what we’re going to do and what you should do?”

I nodded and my voice broke as I said “Yes.” I then asked, “Do you want to get on me?”

He said,”Not yet,” and he rolled me to face him, held me tight, and kissed me deeply. His hands slid up and down my naked back. Then he push me to my back again and slid his hands over my breasts, stopping to rub my nipples, which made my body tingle. I gasped and gasped again as he lowered his head to lick one, then the other nipple. His big hands took a firm hold and squeezed my breasts, and I moaned loudly as he licked more.

“My wife, your breasts are amazing and so large.” I tingled at his touch and compliment.  Mother and Auntie always cinched me tight in a corset to hide my endowment.  I cried out “OH, YES,” as he pinched my nipples. My body was behaving in new ways.  I was very hot, and my nethers were feeling wet and tingling.

Luke stopped, asking if I were alright. 

“Yes. Please touch more if that is your desire.” 

My husband licked and suckled my nipples as his hand slid down my belly.  I trembled, but now with excitement, and I opened my legs for him.  I gasped, “Ah ah ah,” as his big hand slid between my thighs, touching me where only I in cleansing had touched before.  My body was vibrating.

Luke ran a finger up and down through my hair and touching me there.  His finger opened me, and I felt something swelling. I jumped when his finger touched me. I was shaking and gasping.  It was tender to the touch but the more he rubbed it, the more pleasant it became.  I was feeling euphoric pleasure, and I desired to have him take me and make me his wife.  I spread my legs wide as an invitation to deflower me, to fill me with his manhood and his essence.

Luke climbed on me, and I flinched as I felt his manhood touching me.  He kissed me again as he slid his hand down and rubbed his manhood along my sex. Then he pushed into me, causing me great pain.  I  fought against tears as he pulled back and pushed in harder.  He did this a few more times until I couldn’t hold back and cried out in pain. It felt like my womb opened up for him. He pushed harder and harder until our bodies were pressed together. I felt such pressure and pain, thinking I was too small for him.

Luke caressed my face and wiped my tears away.  “You are now my wife.  Rest in the feeling, and the pain will soon become great pleasure for us both.” 

I felt his manhood throbbing inside me, and soon the pain subsided somewhat.  I moaned, and we kissed. 

Luke started to move slowly in and out as the pain ebbed, while excitement and pleasure filled my body. 

“You are so tight, but this feels so amazing. I will not be able to hold back, my love.”  His manhood sliding in and out of me felt astounding. It made my body heat up and sensations build inside me, a feeling of impending release.

Luke fell on me, moaning, his body shaking, as I felt a warm sensation of liquid filling my womb.  I remembered my aunt saying, “Every time your husband enters you, he will plant seeds in your womb to bring you both children.” I wrapped my arms around my husband as my euphoric feeling went away. 

Luke rolled off me, and his seed gushed out of me.  I thought something was wrong and pushed my hand over, trying to keep it inside.  Luke looked at me and told me, “It’s alright. There is a lot more than your body can retain. Rest with me, my wife, and I will rise again and show you what pleasures you can feel.”

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. There are many many more erotic stories I will be posting.

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