Making Up

My husband and I have been not seeing eye to eye lately and fighting like crazy.  I have always been rather conservitive when it comes to dressing when I’m in public.  And Mike has wandering eyes which upsets me.  And I know he’s complementing me when he expresses he’d love to see me dressing more like them and just let go of my inhabitions.  Things were great when we married and were both learning about each others bodies and sex.  Mike became obsessed in my eyes and wanted more.  Then he started watching porn and wanting me to watch with him.  That shut me down and brings me to now.   We’ve been living together but sleeping in different rooms and trying to avoid each other except on sundays we go to church together.  Didn’t take the pastor long to figure out something was wrong.  Mike and I have been going to counceling alone and just resently as a couple with the pastor.  I’ve come to the realization that when we married I was to submit to my husband and he to me.  Mike has been the more present and committed person in our marriage and I’ve built walls to protect me but all it’s done is given me a place to hide.  So today i went to the spa and got a complete make over complete with a total waxing.  I came home and Mike was already there.  I i put on a tight lace body stocking that showed my large breasts, tiny body and bald sex and lightly kno0cked on his door.  He didn’t answer and I slowly opened the door.  I froze seeing Mike naked and stroking his emormously hard long cock fast and hard.  I watched for nearly a minute when he opened his eyes and yelled “Damn Sophie what do you want” as he stopped stroking his cock and pulled a sheet over it..  “I came in to talk”.  “Dressed like that and you want to talk to me for the first time in months”.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the tenting sheet and my body was on fire.  “Sophie” He said a few times.  “Is my big cock distracting you, you know you did this to me?”  I gasped.  As i look on the tv and see old somewhat sexy videos of me.  “Yes” “Yes you big cok is distracting me.  He pulled the sheet off and said “Well then why don’t yo come over and finish me off.  Dressed like yo are I sure you want to talk with you hot body”.  I stepped to the bed and saw myself playing with my breasts on the tv as i grabbed his big, hard, very hard cock and stroked his entire length.  “Yes, just like that.  That fells amazing”  I stroked harder and faster.  Wrapped my other hand around him and squeezed and pumped faster.  “Damn your gonna make me cum”.  I gasped as he reached over and pulled my stocking down exposing my big breasts and long hard nipples.  I sat up displaying my huge breasts for him “You like me big tits honey?”  His eyes opened wide hearing me call them tits.  “Yes I love your big fucking tits”.  “You can have my big fucking its anytime you want and the rest of me as well if you still want me”.  Mike started arching his back and thrusting into my hand.  “Yes, Yes I want all of you”.  He moaned as his cum shot out straight up and splashed on my tits, face and all over him.  Several built up long blasts.  I was moaning and looking at our cum covered bodies.  Mike smiled and pulled me onto the bed and spun me around and pulled me up into my hands and knees.  He grabbed my hips and shoved his cock into me making me scream “Fuck, Fuck”.  His cock bottoming out and he pulled back and fucked me harder and deeper than he ever has.  My pussy squeezing around his big cock. “Yes fuck me, yes, oh yes”.  I reached under and rubbed my cklit fast as i felt my body tingle head to toe and release.  Crying out as my pussy pulsed and my nectar shot out around his cock as he continued pounding my pussy.  Mike shoved in and pulled me back fo hard.  His big cock felt like it was entering another part of my body.  It was painful yet so pleasurable as i continued cumming his cock exploded deep in my pussy.  My eyes fluttering and my orgasm the best ever is all I remember until I woke up with my head laying on Mikes chest and wrp  aped in his arms.  I woke holding his crusifix necklass as he rubbed my face.  “Is there anything my husband wishes”.  “Your mouth, I know its not very christian” and I cut him off as he was using my answer i used in the past to deny him.  I looked up at him “If it’s to serve and love my husband then yes”.  I grabbed his cock as i slowly slide down.  My body shaking and I was nervous knowing i was about to scuk his cock for my first time ever.

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